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Keto and Fasting

The Keto diet combined with the practice of intermittent fasting is the latest health regime that’s flooding the world. There’s no doubt that the Keto diet is an extremely beneficial way to help reduce your weight, reduce inflammation and keep your body in tip top shape. The evidence that the Keto and fasting combined diet can cure Diabetes, Lower Cholesterol and help with lowering blood pressure is overwhelming.

It seems to be coming such a popular way of life that almost every other person you talk to now knows about the Keto diet. I can certainly vouch for it myself as it has helped me to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight as well as improve my overall health immensely. So let’s take a closer look into what the Keto diet is all about.

Understanding the Keto diet

The word Keto is simply short for Ketogenic which is basically a very low carb and high fat diet. The idea of the Keto diet is to greatly reduce the intake of carbs and replace it with fat’s. It’s kind of the opposite diet to what has been taught to us over the past 30 years however if you look into the science it is actually very beneficial for you. By reducing our carbohydrate intake our body goes into a metabolic state known as “Ketosis”.

When the body goes into the Ketosis state it becomes an incredibly efficient fat burning machine. Unlike carbohydrates that are stored as sugar and take a lot of exercise to burn them up the fat is used very effectively by the body as an energy source and is able to be burned up much faster than sugar.

So that is pretty much the idea of Keto or Ketosis in that you are using fat for fuel and not carbohydrates. So by having a low carb diet the body is able to metabolize all that is consumed quite rapidly and once it is finished and the body is no longer turning the carbs into insulin then it goes into this state of Ketosis where it is then using the fats as it’s energy source.

By adding intermittent fasting to the process our bodies are able to reach the ketosis state much faster than under normal eating habits. The idea of Keto is to keep our bodies in this state of Ketosis for as long as we can to help lower and stabilize our blood sugar levels and to help maintain a healthy weight.

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