How to overcome anxiety and depression

Anxiety and stress are one of the greatest health problems of the 21st century but there are some effective ways to fix the problem without resorting to medications. I am proof that chronic depression and anxiety are curable but the fix requires a little effort and discipline however the results are amazing and more than worth the effort.

My name is Dean and I spent around 30 years of my life in a constant state of depression, fatigue and severe anxiety and to be honest I thought that it was just the way I was and that I could never change the way I felt and that I could never feel like a normal person.

After spending many years of going from doctor to doctor and trying every anti anxiety and anti depressant known to man I ended up on Valium. Wow what a wonder drug Valium is, it makes you feel so relaxed and so stress free. Anyway that’s what I thought at the time but several years later I found myself taking more and more Valium to get the same affect until eventually I was downing them like lollies.

Sure the Valium relaxed me but as the drug would wear off I would become even more anxious and my anxiety became focused more on how can I could keep the supply of Valium coming? It was like being a drug addict and looking for the next hit. After I realized that this situation was no longer sustainable I decided to ween myself off the Valium and try to go back to an anti-depressant medication.

The battle coming off the Valium was a long one and it was extremely hard but I managed to conquer it and life went back to the normal anxious, depressed battle that it had always been. So I turned to the internet and started to scan the forums of poor souls like myself to see what others were doing to cope with their anxiety etc.

Unfortunately they were all in the same boat as I was going from medication to medication in hope for the elusive cure but it was quite obvious that none of them had found it. They all seemed to be hanging on by a thread hoping that they would find the medication for them but as with myself there was none. All medications were simply band aid cures that masked some of the pain but provided no actual solution.

After several more years of battling through life my son decided he wanted to change his diet and other things to improve his health and some issues that he was having such as headaches etc. Without going into too much detail our whole family started on a very strict RAW diet and we also eliminated tap water and started drinking filtered rainwater.

I figured that this was just another waste of time and was nothing more than depriving me of all the food that I loved but I thought I’d go along for the ride. For the first few weeks I felt no change and by the end of week 4 I was ready to give it away when suddenly I started feeling better. My body had been detoxing for these 4 weeks and I felt much worse until my body had rid itself of the garbage and had fully detoxed.

Antidepressants and Medications are NOT the answer !

Let me stress at this point and make it quite clear that pharmaceutical medications are NOT the answer to ridding yourself of stress and anxiety. As with any drug they work for the interim period but once your system gets used to them they become useless. The worst part about medications is that they destroy your gut bacteria which is crucial for good health and well being.

Changing your diet radically is not an easy thing to do however I personally believe that it is the only true cure. As they say “You are what you eat” and looking back at my own journey I see how true this is. I stayed on the raw diet for around 3 months and we decided that it wasn’t sustainable for us as a family so we turned to a fairly strict Keto diet combined with intermittent fasting.

The combination of the Keto and fasting has continued to help me to live almost depression and anxiety free without changing my lifestyle at all. Combine this with regular exercise and good sleep habits and I don’t expect to ever be dogged by these ailments ever again.

As I stated previously this type of diet / lifestyle change takes a bit of effort however the quality of life that I now have has made it incredibly worthwhile and I can’t stress enough that it’s the only cure. It’s been 3 years now since I made the change and I will never go back to the old diet or any medication.

I have had no medications at all since making the changes and I feel great. No more fatigue, minimum anxiety and certainly no depression at all. Obviously in this modern era no one is ever going to completely eradicate anxiety however it is now minimal and very easy to deal with on the new health regime.

Basic overview of my diet / lifestyle

The Keto diet is different in that it defies everything that we have been previously told. My old diet was always Low fat, plenty of bread, cereal, rice and sugar, gluten, dairy etc. On this diet I almost always had a crook stomach so I guess that should have been a tell tale sign that my diet was not agreeing with me.

As you have probably gathered all of the above foods I have eliminated from my everyday diet and replaced them with a low carb / high fat diet consisting of meals such as veggies, nuts, sardines, fish, some fruit but not a lot, eggs, bacon, grass fed meats such as pork, lamb, beef and my favorite marinated Roo salad.

I have replaced potato’s with sweet potato as they have less carbs and more nutrition value as well as they taste great. I practice intermittent fasting so I fast for 16 hours a day and have an 8 hour eating window. Once a week I fast for 26 hours just to give the body time to repair itself. This seems to work extremely well for me and I have heaps more energy as fat is a much more efficient form of energy than carbs and the body is able to use it far more effectively.

This diet also allows you to maintain a very constant body weight and almost guarantees that you will not put on weight. Forget the old low fat diet nonsense that is very bad for your, good fats are extremely beneficial for your health and well being and as long as you do not combine them with carbs you will never put on weight.

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