The best restaurants in Adelaide

Are you looking for a great restaurant or winery but your’e not really sure where to go? If you like high quality food, great wines and a great view then here are the best places to visit in Adelaide.

Tenafeate Creek Wines

Tenafeate Winery is without doubt one of the best places to visit if you want a magnificent view, the best tasting pizzas in Adelaide and the best tasting wine to go with it. I have visited many wineries in Adelaide over the years and Tenefeate is my place of choice for a relaxing afternoon, the view is stunning. As well as pizzas you can also have a choice of a cheese board, a Salami and Cheese Plate, Dukka or Bruschetta, I highly recommend them all !

My favorite wines include their Sparkling Shiraz and Sangiovese Rose which combined with any of their pizzas are a winning combination. There’s no need to fork out big dollars for a quality wine, in my opinion Tenefeates $30 wines are still streaks ahead of many other $80 or $100 bottles of wine which other wineries are flogging.

So do yourself a favor and book a table for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday but get in early as this place is very popular and if you don’t book in advance then you may miss out. While you are up there say hi to Larry and Michael ( The owners ), they are great blokes and always helpful in advising you on the right wines to suit your tastes. Happy dining folks, once you’ve been there you will see why I vote it as number one on my list of where to dine in Adelaide.

Uleybury Winery

The Bottega Restaurant at the Uleybury Winery is another favorite place to visit. Once again the views are incredible, the wine is superb and the food is delicious. Uleybury’s Rose which they used to produce was perhaps the best and most unusual tasting Rose I have ever tasted, it seems like they no longer produce this however their Pink Moscato may be worth a try.

The Bottega Restaurant offers various functions throughout the year including outdoor movie nights where you can sit in comfy bean bags on the lawn and enjoy a movie while drinking wine and eating pizza, sounds great doesn’t it! If you prefer a more formal setting then you can dine inside the restaurant and enjoy the sun setting while feasting on a gourmet meal from their vast menu.

As with Tenefeate Winery, Uleybury offers the same ambient feel with the awesome views and the amazing wines and foods to match. If you don’t want a meal then you can share either a Cheese Platter, Pita and Dips or even an Antipasto Platter for two. Combine this with a glass of wine, sit back and watch the world go bye as the sun sets over the beautiful Uleybury Winery. This is my second choice for dining in Adelaide.

Grange Jetty Cafe

Next favorite place to dine is the Grange Jetty Cafe located at the start of the Grange jetty overlooking the beautiful views of the Grange beach. The Grange Jetty Cafe was voted “Best Cafe of the Year 2021” and deservedly so as it’s food, service and views make it a winning combination.

The menu includes foods such as pizza, Bruschetta, seafood, steaks and my personal favorite “Lamb Salad”. Their pizzas are among the best iv’e tasted and they also cater for folks wanting Almond milk coffees and Honey as sweetener which personally I think it adds to the overall experience.

The Grange Cafe has a reasonably good range of wines ( not up to the standard of the wineries above ) however this is not a winery so that is to be expected. There is a choice of indoor and outdoor dining, I prefer the outdoor when the weather is good however both are fine. As with most popular dining spots you will need to book a table well in advance or you may miss out.

Revival Cafe

If you are after a great snack or meal and you want the choice of something healthy then Revival Cafe at Blakeview is another great choice. The staff are super friendly, the coffee is great and they offer Almond milk and Honey in their coffees which is great for the lactose intolerant.

Revival Cafe has a great choice of big breakfasts loaded with bacon, eggs, tomatoes, baked beans and mushrooms which goes down a treat. They also offer smoothie bowls and a selection of omelettes, Granola bowls, pancake stacks and Lamb salad.

Another favorite is their juice drinks which include cucumber combined with various fruits of your choice. Drop in there and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and great food and coffee. You won’t be disappointed.

Saints Kitchen

If you live anywhere in the northern suburbs of Adelaide then no doubt you would have heard of Saints Kitchen. Although they have only been around for a short time they have become perhaps the most popular cafe / restaurant in the area.

If you want to get into to Saints on a weekend then you had better book in advance as it is super popular and rightly so. They do great coffees, amazing big breakfast’s and a Breakfast Tower that will blow your mind. The breakfast tower is for two people and I am yet to see anyone actually finish the entire meal.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of their meals or snacks as they are all brilliant and great value. Their pizza’s are also up there with the best available and are certainly comparable with all of the restaurants mentioned above. Give Saints Kitchen a try, you wont be disappointed but once again let me stress that you need to book in advance or else you wont get in the place.