The Top Five Website Building Platforms in 2021

The business world has a clear technology path. We all know what digitization represents for companies. The investment of money in web design and programming staff reaches new heights every year. The markets have intense competition for ranking on search engines like Google, which follows strict regulations in this game. Often, the excellent interface of a website is the key to the success of many businesses.

How to compete against the big companies? Creating an efficient website requires two possible options: the first is to pay for a domain and hire specialists to develop these platforms, which use programming codes to make a structure from scratch. This idea is excellent. However, you should know that a web designer can charge up to $80 per hour.

The budget may be high, which seems to limit your options to offer an optimal and interactive service for your clients. However, it is time to know the second option (equally useful): the no-code website builders. This article will show you why thousands of people decide to use these services and which companies offer the best plans for clients. But first, what is a no-code website builder?

What is This All About?

A website builder is a platform that creates online site templates quickly. Today, these programs allow customers to build their digital service systems with just a few clicks. The website builder configures the hosting, which is your property throughout the internet world. It’s basically like having a house to your name in a huge neighborhood.

Many large companies and small businesses use these systems to obtain a website quickly. According to Siteefy data, more than 500,000 websites are created every day around the world

Variety of Services

Not all websites use the same interface. For that reason, to determine which website builder is better, we must consider the variety of templates depending on the client’s project. Based on that information, your platform can be:

  • For sales: With stock gallery spaces, card registration, and online transfer methods.
  • For blogs: With options to publish written and audiovisual content.
  • For companies: With telephone directories, registration data, meetings, or requests.
  • For freelancers: With portfolio spaces and resumes.

How to Request This Service and Which One is the Best?

Having an efficient website depends on many factors. Not all homeowners are looking for the same platform style. It all depends on how visitors will use the platform. The more options the service offers, the more customers it will attract. If you find it challenging to find a perfect website builder, take a look at our top five.

5. Squarespace

This New York-based company is one of the most popular for creating online domains. Its platform offers more than 100 editable templates, which have mixed formats for PC and mobile phones. The variety of resources is vast, and the navigation interface is its primary strength.

Users opinion:

Squarespace templates are perfect for many businesses, but especially for blogging and personal content websites, as the layouts are aesthetic and easy for everyone to use.

Price: Starting at $12.

4. Universe

This app has changed the rules of the game for all website builders. The dynamics of Universe, from Future Lab, Inc., brought the concept of templates to phones. This platform is available for Apple’s App Store. Its work system is simple and allows users to create a website quickly from their mobile devices.

Users opinion:

This is an efficient option for creating a sales website or blog platform with an email subscription. The job options are easy to manipulate, and the site presence is simple and modern.

Price: from $9.

3. Unstack

This no-code website builder has many references all over the world. This platform has created websites for more than 4,000 clients, including companies like Friday, Team Engine, Atlassian, and many others. Unstack offers everything from elegant themed business websites to entertainment and sales sites.

Users opinion:

One of the most useful options in Unstack is content management, which allows clients to organize the information on their website and have all the resources in the foreground. This tool is especially recommended for marketing professionals. Furthermore, the interface can be up to 50 percent faster than its competitors.

Price: Offers free plans and paid options starting at $29.

2. Webflow

This is one of the most extensive website builders today, with tremendous growth and with clients worldwide. Webflow has an admirable track record. It was founded in 2013 in San Francisco, CA, and currently works with famous companies such as Dell, UpWork, Rakuten, Lattice, and Petal, with this last one generating more than $380 million.

Users opinion:

Beyond templates, Webflow creates a vast and efficient system for its clients. Its work style allows it to create unique platforms for agencies, blogs, freelancers, shops, companies, and much more.

Price: from $29.

1. Wix

First of all, we have what is, without a doubt, the most famous website builder today. Wix was founded in 2006 in Israel, and since then, its growth has never stopped. This platform has created the websites of more than 500,000 companies, including famous firms like SAS, Victoria’s Secret, Kel & Partners LLC, and Hyatt Hotels. Its work dynamic offers many templates for all types of projects.

Users opinion:

The main benefit of Wix is ​​the tremendous variety of templates. Besides, you can add animations and play with the design. Wix is ​​a flexible system that performs fast on both computers and cell phones. Another significant advantage is that the company allows third-party management, such as live chats, newsletters, calendars, payment methods, and much more.

Price: Offers free plans and paid versions starting at $18.


These tools are growing in popularity, as all businesses in the world are heading towards an inevitable digital age. If you are starting a project and want to have a backup on a website, perhaps these options can be your best ally.