How Technology Is Helping in Our Daily Lives Amid Covid-19

Hate it or love it, technology is a disruptive force that is changing everything about our daily lives. It has caused widespread disruption and job loss throughout the workforce, but it has also changed people’s lives for the better. Every industry in the world is being affected by the changes technology is bringing. Understanding how technology has helped the world will show people what it can do in the future.

Amid a global pandemic, technology has really shown how powerful it can be as a force of change and hope. There are a few areas where this helpfulness has really stood out. These industries have demonstrated how technology has the potential to make a difference in our daily lives.


Health is an area where technology is proving to be incredibly helpful. Not simply in hospitals and other medical facilities, but in our own homes through our devices as well. Everyone knows how technology such as ultrasounds and mammograms have changed the face of health for the better, but during the pandemic, technology has impacted health in new ways.

The health apps on our devices have proved incredibly helpful. For example, competitors Apple and Google have actually partnered together to create contact tracing technology through their health apps that can help people determine if they have potentially been exposed to Covid-19.

This technology was made possible by talented coders who developed the software to potentially save lives. As a whole, the health sector has been made better by technology, and we can track our own health at our fingertips. A fantastic example is people with Type 1 diabetes. There is now technology that can consistently track blood sugar and send the information to your cell phone, enabling better blood sugar management.


Without technology, business would have come to a standstill during the pandemic. Remote work has taken over the world and many companies have moved completely virtual for the safety of their employees. With return dates still uncertain, technology has enabled companies to operate efficiently in the meantime.

Companies such as Zoom have thrived during Covid-19 pandemic, as other industries began relying on them for employee communication. In fact, remote work has been so successful that some companies are simply considering not returning to a standard office at all.

If this pandemic had occurred 10 years ago, it would have been far more troublesome for businesses. They would not have known how to react or move forward. Fortunately, technology has allowed businesses to continue functioning and industries around the world to survive amid the recent chaos.

Social Connectivity

Finally, technology has brought us all together socially and changed how we interact with one another. With face-to-face communication restricted during the lockdowns around the world, humans turned to new forms of social interaction.

Web developers have created new apps and software to bring us closer together. Humans are social creatures and we crave interaction, which technology can help provide us with. Without technology, we would have been trapped inside with no real way of speaking to anyone or playing online games with people outside of our home. Fortunately, technology has helped with this daily challenge and given us a way to interact with those around us. 


Technology has the potential to change the world more than ever. We can see this potential in multiple industries. However, technology impacts our daily lives more than people realize and can have a drastic impact on our day-to-day choices. It has kept us healthy and kept us virtually connected during these difficult times, which has proved invaluable to our mental health while staying inside. Technology, for all its faults, is a force of beneficial change in the world and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.