The Great Reset – Klaus Schwab

The Great Reset was not only the name for the 50th Anniversary of the World Economic Forum but it is also the agenda for a large group of the world’s “Elite”. The basic idea of the reset they are saying is that the Covid Pandemic has changed the entire world in so many ways that now is the perfect opportunity for these world leaders to step in and change everything to how they want it to be.

The location of this “great reset” meeting was Davos in Switzerland and it was attended by people such as Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab ( Head of the WEF ), Bill Gates, Al Gore and most high ranking world leaders.

Although the great reset sounds like a good idea it is actually only good if you are part of the elite group that wish to take over and run the world. If you are not part of this elite group you are simply classed as a useless feeder and in Klaus Schwab’s own words once the reset occurs you will “Have nothing and be happy“.

Over the past decade or so the WEF have convinced many of the world’s political and social hierarchy to get on board and support this push for the reset. Although their website tells us that the reset will be of great benefit to us all there are countless video’s of Klaus Schwab and others telling us that we will no longer own anything as it will all be owned by this new world dictatorship which they want to usher in.

Klaus Schwab boasts about all of his “Young Global Leaders” that he has gotten on side to help promote and achieve his agenda to change the entire world’s system of operation. Not only have they infiltrated the world’s political system but they are also gaining a foot hold in almost every town in the world. They call these recruits the “Global Shapers” which makes them feel important as if they are on the leading edge of some great new plan to save the world.

Little do they realize that they are simply helping to bring about this new system of tyranny and dictatorship which is being disguised as the answer and solution to all of our worlds problems. The sad thing nowadays is that many young people are looking for answers or something to fight for and this makes them easy prey for these manipulating future dictators to control them.

Like it or not this elite group of world leaders will push on with this agenda to change the world as we know it and to transfer all of the world’s possessions into their ownership and control. They will use of any circumstances they can to bring these changes about such as the Covid 19 pandemic, Climate Change and now the Ukraine/Russian war which will all help them to gain control and further their plans.

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