Ink CartridgesDoso is now owned and operated by Printer Cartridge Company Ink Hub Adelaide. If you are an existing customer of Doso then you will recieve the same great customer service as always.

Ink Hub has been importing and retailing compatible ink cartridges and Toner Australia wide since early 2007.

Specialising in the highest quality compatible ink cartridges assures all of our customers that their printers will work exactly the same as they would with genuine ink but without the ridiculous price tag.

We have been importing our Generic Ink Cartridges from the same company for over 7 years and have tested all of the popular brands and haven’t as yet found any that equal the quality and reliability of our own brand.

Generic cartridges are now a very viable alternative to the genuine product as the quality of them has improved immensely. Several years ago a company named “Calidad” dominated the generic ink market and were one of the only known names in Australia.

Nowadays Calidad are only one of dozens of well known non genuine cartridge brands and their popularity has fallen as they have been swamped by superior quality compatibles.

Why are Compatible Cartridges so much cheaper ?

This is the million dollar question everyone asks. The big printer companies have been ripping people off for years with ridiculously overinflated prices. Generic inks are actually being sold at realistic prices where as the genuine inks are prettier and packaged in Glossy boxes with lovely artwork to make the consumer think they are superior.

Truth is their is very little difference in quality as the generic cartridges have become extremely well made and if purchased from a reputable supplier they represent huge savings. Not only are they cheaper to purchase but they usually contain a much larger volume of ink.

We have recently opened a new website retailing Compatible Printer Ink. You can check it out at s2m2.com.au. Drop us an email and let us know what you think of the new site.

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